Monday, February 06, 2006

Tiger, Tiger burning bright...

Tiger's off to a roaring start, and Vijay's going nowhere fast. Subsequently the gap between Tiger and Vijay is the same as the gap between Vijay and world number 266 Kazuhiko Hosokawa. The top 16 players are the same as last week with no additional golfers qualifying to be added to the top tiers. I did a little bit of upshifting in the tiers for Vijay no longer stands alone. Sergio's going to have to do better than his last three rounds to stay in Tier II, but for the moment that's where he stands.

J.B. Holmes will have to continue his good play for a while longer before he shows up in the top tiers, but I can't close this entry with no mention of him at all. I find it interesting how tickled pink the media gets with stories about young guns like J.B. Holmes, Bubba Watson, Sean O'Hair, etc. when they're near the top of the leaderboard, but the very next week the leaderboard might be filled with names like Kenny Perry, Bart Bryant, Fred Funk, etc. and the same media figures will immediately revert to bemoaning how few good American players are in their 20s. Guys! It's gonna be okay! Death is not lurking just around the corner! Just because there's no Wie, Creamer, or Pressel does not mean there's no future for men's professional golf in the U.S.

Now I'll calmly step off that box of Tide and gather my thoughts for a look at the week ahead.

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