Thursday, October 19, 2006

Desperate time - Desperate measures

Golf lesson of the week: Make sure you don't let your golf clubs settle too close to your trunk latch.

Last month my trunk got stuck shut because some plastic from my golf bag wedged in the trunk latch. Worsening the issue was the fact that my purse was trapped in the trunk. It is amazing what the mind can come up with to rescue something valuable. One of my crazier, although not too serious, thoughts was, Maybe if I pay someone to run their car into the back of mine the trunk lid will be jarred open. However, my craziest imagined scenario went something like this:

[Find a police car and speed past it, so I get pulled over.]
Officer: May I see your driver's license and proof of insurance.
Me: Gladly, officer. Here is my insurance, but you'll have to break into my trunk to get my ID.

Fortunately, I am still of sound mind, so the option that won out was taking it to the dealer to pull out the back seat. Unfortunately, all the struggling to turn the key in the trunk ruined the key. That led to some discordance between my key and the ignition. Fortunately, I have the original key, so all the problems are now solved.

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