Monday, January 09, 2006

Tiger Rule Suspended

Well, in winning this week, Stuart Appleby managed to pull off a three-peat the same week USC couldn't.

I am suspending the Tiger Rule for the time being. Vijay will be losing some points from last years Sony win, so there is a risk that that gap will widen again, but I'm going to take the chance anyways. By doing so, the list now stands at 36, one person longer than its previous record, but my other option was to whittle the list down to only show the top ten players in the world. This choice was bound to show up sooner or later.

Furyk, Scott, Montgomerie, DiMarco, Cabrera, Howell, Perry, Donald, and Toms move up to Tier II along with returning entrants Campbell, Harrington, Clarke, Love, Clark, Appleby, McGinley, Bryant, Bjorn, Couples, Olazabal, Cink, and Verplank and new entrant O'Hern.

John Daly reenters at Tier III while Leonard, Stenson, and Crane reenter at Tier IV. Choi and O'Hair debut in Tier IV, and Allenby debuts in Tier V.

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