Monday, November 28, 2005

Just your typical off-week shifting

Not much Tier movement this week -- just DL3 dropping to Tier V and McGinley, Couples, and Bryant falling off the list. I have left the Tiger Rule in effect although, due to a weird technicality, removing it would only have 32 players in the top 5 tiers this week. Since the gap between Tiger and Vijay is still 7.41, I suspect this is a mere anomaly and the Tiger Rule would be needed again next week anyway.

Weekend notes:
  • What is it with Opens? The U.S. Open so often seems to be a fire-breathing dragon that will slay anyone that dare attempt to defeat it. Its cousin was alive and kicking this week on the Moonah Links in Australia this week with only seven players finishing under par.
  • We could get a nice little rivalry going for "best golfer in Great Britain and Ireland" or "second best golfer in Europe." Two weeks ago, Luke Donald filled this slot with OWGR #11. Last week, David Howell jumped ahead of Donald into that spot. This week, Padraig Harrington returned to the helm, so that the numbers 11, 12, and 13 players in the world are Harrington, Donald, and Howell respectively.

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