Thursday, September 29, 2005

On Being Impressionable

I must be more impressionable than I thought. I just caught myself making a rather DiMarco-like fist pump as I rallied against the spreadsheet I'm currently challenging at work. I remarked in my first golf post in my Soliloquies blog that when Phil won the PGA Championship I made a jump rather like his on the 18th green at the 2004 Masters. I suppose it's a good thing I took up golf as my sport of interest rather than something like wrestling. I can see it now. My boss comes in to ask for a document, and I've got my computer in a headlock. Yep, that would definitely reveal I'm crazy faster than if I ever slip and let her catch me in a conversation with myself. Now, as long as Sergio doesn't throw any more shoes, I should be okay.

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